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The CELLULAR VITALITY COMPLEX is one of the three vitamins found in our Daily Vitality Supplements. CELLULAR VITALITY COMPLEX is packed full of botanical extracts that help to replenish and rebuild our cells, which are the natural building blocks of all the tissues found in our bodies.

BENEFITS OF CELLULAR VITALITY [Insert Vitality Supplements link.]

• Healthy Cell Function.

• Increase Energy.

• Increase Immune System Function.

• Mental Clarity and Brain Function.

• Healthy Tissues and Organs.


• Vitality Supplement Pack (1 capsule of each bottle with food at each meal, 3–4 of each daily)

• Digestive Enzyme Complex (1 capsule with food at each meal, 3 times daily)

• Probiotic Defense Formula (1 in the morning OR 1 in the evening)

• Frankincense (1 drop under tongue daily)

• Citrus Essential Oil (3–4 servings of citrus oil in water: 1–2 drops in 8 oz. water)

• Protective Blend (diffuse, or take internally or topically, 1–2 times per day)

• Lavender or Restful Blend (Diffuse and use topically on feet for a restful sleep)

• Grounding Blend (2–3 drops on feet once or twice daily)

• Soothing Blend Lotion (use daily as needed for support and relief)

For more information on this Daily Challenge: [Insert challenge or kit link.]

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